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Photography provides us with knowledge of the world. It leads us through unexpected paths to diverse places: sometimes to reality itself, occasionally it introduces us to the world of dreams; that world that lives inside the photographer, that is awakened by transforming oniric experiences into images.

Mexican LivesThe 1979 photography series made by Lucia Messeguer invites us to a journey through this inner world. Taking as settings the San Agustin de Acolman Convent, one of the first religious buildings in the New World during the sixteenth century, and the Tepozotlan Convent. The mysticism surrounding these places is chosen by Messeguer to discover a character that seems to jump out of the artist's inner world.

In this series, the act of photographing transforms itself in a dreamlike flight translated into images, where the subject and its surroundings establish a secret dialogue.

These photographs invite us, spectators, to participate by contemplating them.

It was Gaston Bachelard who said: "... contemplation is essentially, in us, a creative force. We feel rising in ourselves the will to contemplate that is, at the same time, the will to involve oneself in the movement of what is contemplated..."

Let's participate with Messeguer... And the dream becomes manifest...>>>

Cristina Kahlo

México City, July 2004
Translated by Ariel Velasquez



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